Dental fillings are designed to replace portions of your teeth that are affected by decay or damage. If you struggle with a tooth that has a cavity or is fractured, a filling can be applied to the damaged area and is molded to suit the natural shape and appearance of your tooth. With a dental filling, our dentists can stop the spread of bacteria from reaching the sensitive inner tissue of your tooth and help prevent the need for root canal treatment. Dental fillings not only restore the health and function of your smile but can also enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Two common types of dental fillings include composite resin and amalgam. Each material functions in its own way to provide you with a healthier, more renewed smile. Composite fillings are tooth colored and provide fracture-resistant strength against moderate levels of pressure. Amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals to provide more durability in your restoration. Our dentists can examine your smile to determine the size and location of the affected tooth and discuss with you which option is best suited to your needs!

If you would like to learn more about receiving treatment for your damaged teeth, we invite you to contact our team today and ask about dental fillings.