General & Family Dentistry

General and family dentistry encompasses comprehensive oral care for individuals of all ages, focusing on preventive, diagnostic and restorative treatments to maintain optimal oral health.

We are happy to offer the following treatments:

Promoting Lifelong Dental Wellness

General and family dentistry plays a pivotal role in promoting overall oral health. It offers routine dental check-ups, cleanings and preventive measures to keep teeth and gums healthy. From children to adults, this branch of dentistry addresses diverse dental needs across the lifespan.

Our Supportive Approach

We are committed to providing personalized care through general and family dentistry at Waters Dentistry. Our dentists, Dr. Sarah Waters and Dr. Cameron Waters conduct thorough examinations, offer preventive strategies and address any emerging dental issues promptly. We have created a welcoming environment, ensuring every member of your family receives comprehensive and compassionate dental care.

Benefits of Comprehensive Care

General and family dentistry offers a range of benefits. Regular check-ups aid in early detection of dental problems, allowing for less invasive treatments. Maintaining good oral health prevents potential oral diseases, discomfort and financial burdens associated with extensive treatments.

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