Periodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on the health of the supporting structures of teeth, including the gums, bone and connective tissues. As general dentists, Dr. Sarah Waters and Dr. Cameron Waters can diagnose, treat and prevent gum diseases and conditions that affect the stability of teeth.

Our periodontal options include:

Promoting Gum Health for Oral Well-being

Periodontics plays a vital role in maintaining healthy gums, which are essential for strong teeth. We address gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, preventing them from progressing and causing tooth loss. Healthy gums also contribute to overall oral health and systemic wellbeing.

Our Expert Care in Periodontics

At Waters Dentistry, we specialize in providing comprehensive care. We conduct thorough examinations to assess gum health and detect any signs of disease and may recommend personalized treatment plans that include scaling and root planing, gum surgeries and other interventions to restore gum health.

Benefits of Periodontics

Periodontal care offers several benefits. It prevents gum diseases from advancing, avoiding potential tooth loss and complications. Healthy gums enhance the aesthetics of your smile by ensuring a solid foundation for teeth. Additionally, treating gum diseases can improve overall health, as there is a link between gum health and systemic conditions.

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