Oral Sedation

At Waters Dentistry, we understand the anxiety that comes with dental visits. Our highly skilled team, led by Dr. Sarah Waters and Dr. Cameron Waters, are committed to ensuring a calming, stress-free environment, thanks to a revolutionary solution – oral sedation.

Oral sedation is an innovative conscious sedation technique designed to make your dental visits less intimidating. Easy-to-use, this method involves taking a prescribed pill that induces a sense of tranquility, helping you stay relaxed throughout the procedure while remaining fully conscious.

There are several compelling reasons to consider oral sedation dentistry, outlined as follows:

  • Oral sedation is simple and utterly uncomplicated. You just need to take a pill, thereby making it a user-friendly option.
  • It helps create a comfortably amnesic experience, freeing you from the apprehension often associated with dental procedures.
  • It is cost-efficient compared to other sedation techniques, making it an accessible solution for many of our patients.

The process of oral sedation at our office is streamlined and meticulously guided. If oral sedation is deemed suitable for you, our esteemed dentists will prescribe a pill designed for relaxation. Detailed instructions about taking the pill before your dental appointment will be provided. Remember, it is crucial to have a companion with you to drive to and from the appointment for maximum safety.

Once at our office, even though you will remain awake, an overwhelming sense of relaxation will envelop you. It is quite common to feel slightly drowsy and not remember every detail about your appointment, adding to the stress-free experience.

To learn more about oral sedation in Lakewood, Colorado, and how it can transform your dental visits into a comfortable experience, please reach out to our office at 303-237-3640. Our friendly and professional team is ready to assist you on this smoother path to dental care.

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