Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved by traditional restorative treatments. If this happens, Dr. Sarah Waters and Dr. Cameron Waters offer tooth extractions in Lakewood, Colorado. Tooth extractions are dental procedures in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the bone. Extractions are usually recommended as a last resort when a tooth is severely damaged, infected or causing overcrowding that affects oral health.

Resolving Dental Problems

Tooth extractions can effectively address various dental issues. Extracting severely decayed or infected teeth prevents the spread of infection to other teeth and surrounding tissues. Extractions also address problems like impacted wisdom teeth that may cause pain, infection or alignment issues.

Our Gentle Approach to Extractions

Our dentists and team at Waters Dentistry carefully evaluate the need for extraction, taking into account your overall oral health. We ensure a comfortable procedure and provide post-extraction care instructions for optimal healing.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions offer several benefits. They prevent the spread of infection, alleviate pain and maintain overall oral health. Extracting problematic teeth can also prevent complications and future dental issues. In cases of overcrowding, extractions create space for proper tooth alignment, potentially improving bite functionality.

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